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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Trip to the Newseum in Washington DC

The Newseum's extensive
 collection of historic newspapers and magazines. 

A place where news matters and history is treasured.

On Saturday, the Newseum officially became one of my favorite museums in DC. Perhaps it is because of what I professionally do, or simply because of how I feel about journalism. Featuring seven levels of galleries, theaters, retail spaces and visitor services, the Newseum is unique in showcasing how and why news is made. 

As we (fiancé) and I walked through the corridors of newspapers, the making of news, the historic print displays and how the news world has evolved, the more I enjoyed it. I was reminded of what journalism should be: truth-gathering and truth-telling.

Nevertheless, one of the most touching and sad galleries was the “Chronicle of the Sept. 11 2001, attacks. This gallery portrayed the challenges journalists faced trying to report the news to the world, some survived some did not. Similarly, a tribute to journalists who have died pursuing the news clearly showcases the danger journalists face, taking risks to tell their stories to the world.
So whether you want to learn the story of news, about the First Amendment or be a reporter for a day, stop by at the Newseum when you are in DC. This is where national history, made by journalists/the press, is conserved.
We hope you get to make it to the Newseum in DC.
Eyes and Ears of a Profession display at the
Women in the profession

Gloria at the Newseum

Celery and Apple Rose Card


We got our Family Fun magazine and we decided to make our rose cards. They are easy and fun to make! We have modified ours.

Who to blame?

image from shopturtlepie.wordpress.com

Growing up my parents would expect us to behave and act properly. In public and in the house we used our manners. We didn’t talk back to my mom, we knew better. She taught me to always respect people no matter who they were.

Recently, gringomex has been picking up some words. A couple months it was the “f” word. We had a leak in the house which in turn ruined the new wood floor and gringo kept saying the “f” word. Back then gringomex was not even two yet. He picked up on it and kept saying it. The more I kept telling him not to say it, the more he would say it! Eventually we ignored him and he stopped. What are the new words he has picked up from us?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Spanish Friday-Aventuras de la semana

Me gustaria tener mas tiempo para bloguear pero debido a que tengo dos nenes no me es possible por el momento. Estoy recopilando nuestras aventuras de la semana con fotos. Espero que las disfruten!

I wish I had more time to blog but since i have two children its just impossible for the moment. Here are a couple of pictures of our adventures during the week. Hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Unpredictable Heart ideas.

LC- Heart
Sometimes our activities of the day don’t go as planned. I look at other mom bloggers and start comparing their children’s ages. Look at the activity they are doing and read it. Just want to know if my son is right on track with his development. What happens once I dig deeper into their blogs. Thoughts of jealousy come into mind. Oh no my son can’t trace a line like her kid. Wow! she’s only two months younger then my son and she knows how to do that. Impressive, yet I try not to let it bug me. Shrug it off and say to myself “I am already doing better then most parents I know.” “I have a baby too, I am not wonder woman.”

Below are some unpredictable creations. We didn’t plan for it. It just happened.

Tantrum Thursdays

Gringomex having a tantrum
It’s seven am and gringomex decides to have a tantrum. Reasons? He wanted to watch a DVD movie aka Elmo and my response was “when your done eating cereal you can watch a DVD.” His response “don’t want it.” I went downstairs with gringamex and prepared her cereal. I got the bowls and milk and cereal and just waited until he was ready to come downstairs. This too shall pass! Is he going to come downstairs?

I never thought my son would...

Gringomex heading to greatgrandma's house nack in September.
On Wednesday afternoon, grinogmex decided not to nap. Gringamex was waking up and it was time for her feeding. I lay on the bed and position my daughter to nurse. I didn't hear any noises so I figured he felt asleep. When I was done, got up and checked his room and he wasn't there. I figured maybe he was downstairs. I head downstairs and he wasn't there. The front door was wide open and panicked!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paint with love on Pizza box.


Last week we made our breakfast recyclable heart crafts. This weekend we went to Michael's Craft store and on our way back home we stopped at Little Caesars and bought the ten dollar meal. On Tuesdays the garbage truck comes by and before certain items were thrown out, I managed to rescue these.

Part II of Into the World Again.

Rome Observer
Rome Observer

“Follow that lady, she is also going to the auditorium". The lady from the information desk pointed her out to me and I followed her quickly. She was walking pretty fast. She stops by the elevator and I notice she was carrying a tablet thingy. It might be a book reader.  At least I am not the only one late. I won’t feel weird being the only one who walks in the room, with people staring at me. We get in the elevator and there is a moment of silence.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Into the World Again.

This weekend we went to the Jervis Public Library. Gringo was looking for books about aquaponics, however his search failed. I was in the children’s rooms with the two children and baby gringamex starts getting loud. She has discovered she has a voice. Gringo comes back and we were just chilling. Now it was my turn to look for books. I was in search of bilingual books, however I stumbled upon craft books. I started getting excited about it and checked out three books. On the counter there was this paper that said: LEARN TO BLOG! My reaction was huh? who? what? I picked up the paper and told gringo “I want to come.”

Egg Carton Bouquet of Roses.


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we have started decorating the house. Gringo’s excuse for not buying flowers is that it’s a waste of money because they end up in the garbage. We decided to make our own recyclable bouquet of roses.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ay, Mi Madre! Por fin ya es VIERNES!

Hay sido un semana larga. Por lo que he leido hoy es Spanish Friday! No se las reglas pero lo que si se es que debo escribir en Spanish!
Aqui estan nuestras aventuras de la semana!

Gringamex esta aprendiendo a darse de comer.
Corazones Reciclables
Corazones de carton
Gringomex ayudandome con la creacion de nuevo logo
Gringomex y gringo trabajando en un proyecto
Gringomex haciendo brownies
Gringomex haciendo gorditas de corazones
Gringomex leyendo un libro a hermanita
Dia de pijamas
Thomas dando vueltas.
Jugando con play dough
Gringamex tiene ventana en su cuarto. Al fin!

Recyclable Heart Crafts

We are owners of only one vehicle. Gringo takes it to work and since I stay at home there's is no reason for me to go out. If I do, gringo starts whining about how much money is spent on non essential things. Paint, glue and other craft items are essential to me. Without them my son can go bonkers! It has been snowing and cold outside which means we don't go out at all. No more Walmart, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, or Joann Fabrics for me. The place I go to get craft materials is the recyclable bin. Its free, convenient and only steps away from the house.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

No, Only Mama Can Read It!

LC-Gringo reading to the nene and nena.

As part of the bedtime routine we read a book. The three B”s, bath, book and bed. Some days we read in English, others in Spanish. It depends on what my son wants to read. As a child mom didn’t have time to sit down and read books. I don’t recall her reading books with us. She would buy books to read with cassettes in English. She was a work at home mom. Sewing and making hairbands was part of her job aside from cooking,cleaning and doing as best as she could by taking care of us. Growing up I struggled with reading comprehension and grammar. My parents and school educators thought it was because of Spanish. Everyday I was taking from class and sent to another class room with kids that had Spanish speaking parents. There we would read in English and had one on one time with a Spanish speaking teacher.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Gorditas de Corazon Con Queso for picky eaters.

LC-Gorditas de Corazon Con Queso
My son decided a couple months ago to become a picky eater. I thought that was a stage he wouldn’t go through. He loves his typical Spanish food. Arroz con frijoles y huevos revueltos. Arroz con basically anything and he was a happy child. Lately, all he wants to eat is pasta con queso y chicken nuggets. It’s a stage all toddlers go through. My child is going to eat all the types of food even if he doesn’t want to was the mind set I had. A child cannot be forced and if he doesn’t want to eat, he will not eat. No matter how much bribing I can do, he has the last saying! Necia como su mama!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

No more Mami Time.

Image from todaymomsmsnbc.com
 My son is soon to be three next month. With that there are many positive things to come. For one he uses more words. He doesn't scream as much as he did before. He can still get fraustrated like any normal toddler. Some people might think he has the evil spirit but its just the lovely "terrible twos."
We have good days and not so good days. When he was a baby, I couldnt wait for him to be two. When he turned two, I wished he was a baby. Don't take it for granted when people say "cherish the moments because they grow fast." As he is becoming more independent, vocal and maturing there is one thing that seems to be slowly fading away.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Not All Latinas Can Dance!

image from smu.edu

Growing up my parents listened to Vicente Fernandez, Jose Jose, Pedro Infante and other well known Mexican singers. If there was a party, music was one thing playing on loud. Family relatives would dance or sing while others remained seated. I wasn’t into dancing. I would sit there, listened and watched people enjoy the party. It was boring often times to just be there. No guy would come up to me and ask me to dance. I don’t know if it was because I was a “big” girl. Yes I was taller then the average Mexican guy and I was overweight. What were the chances that a guy my size or taller than me would appear at a Mexican party? Not likely. Unfortunately, I never encountered a tall Mexican to dance with.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Learning Spanish Experience

LC- Writing Perro on blackboard.

When I was10 years old my parents decided to take all our belongings and move to Mexico. It happened all of a sudden. We weren’t questioned if we wanted to go. Everything I had learned was in English. I spoke Spanish with my parents and the most they would have me do was read the Spanish newspaper El Diario. At times I wouldn’t read it, I would put the comic section from The Daily News  and pretend I was reading the Spanish one just to get my father off my back. Here is my learning Spanish experience.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Taylor Swift and her songs

Here in country, Spanish music is something not found quite easily on the radio station. There is only one station that plays it and only for a couple of hours. When I moved to this side of the state, I was upset not to be able to find Spanish music. How was I ever going to listen my favorite singers? I did what people back then did. I bought CDs of their music. Nowadays you can easily download music and have it right there and then.

Friday, January 6, 2012

What Mami didn't teach me!

LC- 1st attempt hairbraiding

As a child mami taught me how to cook mexican food among other things. It wasn't all rainbow and butterflies. She was very strict and it needed to be done properly otherwise it was a waste of time. Toast the rice not too dark or too light. Just brown enough! I found myself confused at times since I was only 13 with no clue. She would go on with her typical sayings "cuando yo tenia tu edad yo ya sabia -fill in the blank-." I am pretty sure many of you have gone through this at some point in life.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reasons why mami made me drink Chamomile tea!

Image from cantaresfacil.com

Every time we had a stomach ache, headache, cold or just not feeling well mami came to the rescue. She has a herbal remedy for anything! When I was pregnant she would tell me "toma te de manzanilla para que estes calmada, pero del mexicano no de bolsa". Then when I gave birth my mom made me chamomile tea to help me relax. She suggested to drink chamomile tea while nursing. Mami said " si tomas te de manzanilla no le da colico al bebe". OK, will do as mami says because she is right. She had 5 children so she must have experience.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Miercoles Mudo/WW- La Tortuga

LC- La Tortuga que mi hijo teme.
The turtle my son is afraid of.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tres Reyes Magos Crafts.

Make your tres reyes magos paper crafts from ataquemutante. Follow the simple instructions.

Want to make your paper chain tres reyes magos.  First palette gives you a step by step how to with pictures.

Nickjr.com (click here) has a complete free printable Dora the Explorer Three Kings Day party planner. There is a free printable king's crown craft, Epiphany lights crafts, party invitations and goody bag printables. There are free printable recipes and games to complete your Dora the Explorer Three Kings Day party.

Yodibujo has an amazing collection of free printable coloring pages.

An 8 Month old Baby!

LC- 8 month old

When my son was born, time went by slowly. When he reached 8 months I was looking foward for him to be 9 and so on. I don't know if because he was the only one and staying at home the day would seem to last forever. I was always looking foward for gringo to come home. Have some communication with a human being that was my size. 

January Activites

I am happy to say that I have been getting better with the computer. I created the following activities. The best time to introduce another language is as early as you can. I am currently teaching my 2 year old spanish at home. Making it fun is the best way for him to learn. As part of my new years resolution is to speak more spanish to my son and daughter. I have been slacking off lately and what a better day to get started. I also plan on finding time to write in spanish. I wont be translating it word for word, I will write the same information but mixed up. In short you will get the same concept!

Estoy contenta en decir que he estado mejorando usando la computadora. Las siguetes actividades fueron creadas por mi. La mejor edad para introducir otro idioma es desde temprana edad. Mi hijo tiene 2 casi 3 en Febrero. Como parte de mi resolucion para 2012 es hablar mas espanol. Como ven todavia estoy aprendio como usar la computadora. No le puse guion en la n. Disculpas. Las actividades son de Ingles a Espanol. Una vez mas no puse accento ni guion. Disculpas. Estoy aprendio como poner los accentos y guiones.  Si alguien sabe como por favor de decirme. Gracias Si tiene alguna pregunta por favor de mandarme un mensaje.

Just follow the simple instructions and if you have any questions please let me know!



Monday, January 2, 2012

Memorable Experience of the week!

LC-Gingerbread Houses at Turning Stone Resort

 These beautiful gingerbread houses were made by pastry chefs at the Turning Stone Resort. This week gringo was home and we decided to remodel gringomexs room and finish gringamexs too. The perks of him being home is that we have a vehicle available to go out and about. Our adventure of the week was to go see these houses.

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