Monday, April 2, 2012

Pouring and Painting outdoors with toddlers.

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It was a nice weather here in country and we decided to take one of gringomex’s favorite activities outdoors. He loves to paint! I found one of our old windows outside and decided to splatter some paint on it. I was filling up the spray bottles and he decided to do it by himself. He loves to pour liquids and the best place to do that is outside. You don’t have to worry about setting a station nor cleaning up the mess.

What is the importance of Montessori Pouring Activities?

"Exercises in Practical Life fulfill the child's need for independence. The child needs to adapt the need to a purposeful motor activity; and he needs to repeat that activity until he reaches perfection. All exercises have a three-fold aim. They must reach the whole person; that is, they must reach the physical, mental and spiritual."--From Montessori training manual by Ursula Thrush.

Here are some great links for pouring activities:

Lily tots

Practical life with a toddler – Spooning

Water Activities

What is the purpose of pouring?

  • enhances their hand coordination.
  • teaches them independence, the feeling they can "do it themselves".

Read the following article for more information: Montessori Practical Life Activites

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