Thursday, February 23, 2012

What is your Passion?

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Ever since I started blogging ideas pop in my head and often times lead to a not so good night sleep. I toss and turn saying to myself am going to write about this and that and find myself forgetting the ideas. My parents owned a taqueria in Mexico and mami taught me how to cook and make antojitos mexicanos. Even if i didnt want to cook I had to because I was the oldest female. Corporal punishment was the in thing to do and of course mami thought that a good wack would make me learn how to make salsa the right way. Regardless of it all thanks to mami, I know how to cook which lead me to make a career out of it.  

Mami always said I was going to be a pediatrician. Things turned around when in highschool I decided to go into Hospitality Managment. My dream was to become a Pastry Chef, Executive Chef or maybe a restaurant owner.  I wasn't sure which one...confused teenager! I earned my bachelors degree but wasnt sure if i wanted to continue my education. I started working and most of the upper level management only had a B.A. I said to myself why do i need a masters for anyways? Mike is District Manager and he only has a B.A. I am going to be a District Manager.

I worked overtime and did as much as i could to make my dream come true. As i was moving up the corporate ladder i realized that it was no longer fullfilling. I love the adrenaline rush, when things are moving along quickly and you have to multitask. Sitting in the office wasn't my way of working. I hated not being able to interact with people. Just sitting there worring about food cost, payroll and all the not so fun office work.

I lasted a month working in the office. One day I was in the not soo good mood and decided to quit. My boss was in a crabby mood and we exchanged not so lady like words. The ghetto came out of me and i left the office. Never returned back.

I decided i was going to open a daycare center. Well, gringo asked me to marry him and that didnt happen. Two years into marriage and baby 1 comes out then months later baby 2 is made. With the advancement in technology I have found a new passion...blogging.

Blogging gives me the opportunity to write and express what is on my mind. There is no right or wrong. I dont have someone telling me on the other side how stupid or dumb my ideas are. I write for pleasure, fun and to hope that one day some one would make me an offer. I will some day work at home and get monetary compensation for it. I will continue to pursue my passion of blogging till i can no longer write or until my mother in law decides to terminate her wireless account!


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