Monday, February 6, 2012

Ten days before your period.

The hot summer of 2008 gringo worked at a State Park. There was no TV, no internet access and my cell phone wouldn’t work unless we drove to town which was about 10 minutes away. I read books, walked the trails, watch DVD’s or I would do some of my exercise tapes. I would see couples with their children and kids fishing and having fun at the park.

I knew I wanted kids but was going to wait until I reached 30. It came a little sooner then that. Gringo claimed that “if you do it 10 days before your period you won’t get pregnant.” I believed him since he is a guy who watches the history channel and reads boring books, well educational books.
It was father’s day, perfect day to find out your going to be a father, right? My period was about 10 days behind and I started feeling weird. My breast were swollen and my belly was bloated. I had back pain and was very moody but still no period. I was anxious and started telling gringo

Me: “hey , I think I am pregnant, I don’t know why but I have this weird feeling, I think I am but am not sure.”

Gringo: “ you cant be, I read it online that if you do it ten days before your period you wont get pregnant!”

Me: Are you sure?

Gringo; trust me, I am sure. I read it online.

There I was sitting on the toilet waiting for the little pink line to confirm it. Gringo was laying in bed.

Me: Yes! I knew it…hey guess what your going to be a father, happy father’s day! (still sitting on the toilet, yelling the results to gringo.)

I get up quickly, wash my hands and head to the bedroom. He was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. For a moment I thought something was wrong cause he didn’t seem to response, he had this look of panic on his face.

Meanwhile I was excited to be pregnant and just didn’t know who to call first. I had gone to visit my mom a week before and she kept asking me if I was pregnant and I kept saying no, I am getting my period. I think my mom’s intuition was right. I don’t remember who we told first.

Gringo sat up about 15 minutes later and kept saying “ How did it happen? I read it online, it said ten days before your period!” Me response “well, your sources are wrong, look what happened. Are you sure it said ten days before and not after?”

We both sat their and gringo decided not to tell anyone until we were sure. I needed to set a doctors appointment to confirm the test results. I couldn’t hold it in and told my coworkers the next morning. I was really happy to know that I was going to be a mommy!


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