Saturday, February 4, 2012

A taste of Mexico in Virginia: Nothing like mom’s homemade Tamales but still close to home

Come celebrate the culinary heritage of Mexico at La Sandia’s Tamal Festival. If you are in the Virginia area and craving some savory tamales, I recommend you to head to La Sandia restaurant, located at Tysons Corner Center in Virginia – About 20 -30 minutes away from DC- not bad I must say considering the fact that there aren’t places in DC that sell tamales like these. Designed by Chef Richard Sandoval, the Tamal Festival combines vibrant Latin flavors and innovative cooking techniques, creating surprising new flavors and textures by combining authentic ingredients in unexpected ways, and innovating traditional techniques.  They are the embodiment of Chef Sandoval's culinary mantra, "old ways, new hands."
             You’ll be surprised by the presentation and taste. After the second bite, I was taken back home. Nevertheless, my favorite was the mole, so don’t forget to try it.

The Tamal Festival can be enjoyed throughout February at La Sandia locations nationwide: in Tyson’s Corner, VA, Park Meadows, CO, and Santa Monica, CA. Guests can experience the history and culture behind this time--honored dish, reinterpreted by La Sandia Chefs.

TAMAL: From Mayan origin, meaning ‘wrapped;’
A traditional Latin American dish made of stuffed masa wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves that is steamed or boiled. Viewed as a comfort food, tamales are enjoyed throughout all parts of the day. Dating back to 1200 BC, tamales have traditionally been prepared for feasts and celebrations.
Assorted Tamales Tradicionales

Tamal de Pescado la Campeche

sweet corn tamales / crema dulce / raisins / café de oya

For more information on the festival or to visit La Sandia check out:

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