Monday, February 20, 2012

Our so called “VACATION”

Gringo is off this whole week and we decided to go visit my mom in NYC for the weekend. Expect the unexpected when you have children. Gringamex has been sick since Monday and Gringomex started on Wednesday. I thought maybe it was just the cold. Well…I was wrong! We got there Friday night and everything was fine until it was time to go night night. Gringomex kept waking up every 15 minutes screaming his head off and being totally miserable. We gave him medicine and next thing you know Gringamex is also whimpering. Around 2 am she starts having a fever. They both had a rough night and neither me nor gringo slept well.

The following morning we take them to the doctors only after my mom insisted to take take them. There are times it bugs me that my mom can be persistent yet if it wasn’t for her they would still be sick. Mami went ahead and called the doctors office and luckily they were open and not busy. We head there as fast as we could.

What was the diagnosis?

Gringamex had a double ear infection and gringomex was just starting an ear infection on his right ear. So much for a vacation with two sick children. Regardless of it all gringomex was persistent about going to the Disney Store on 42st. He kept talking about it the whole week and he wanted to ride the train! We got their prescription filled and headed back to my mom’s to grab some lunch. Gringamex decided to snooze for two hours which was great cause she really needed. Poor baby girl was tired and congested.

When she woke up she looked much better. We head to the Disney Store and it was really busy. Children all over the place. We were in search of a dress for gringamex but they didn’t have anything in size 18 months. Truly disappointing. We head to the Toys R Us and there was the Thomas Train Table was gone! That was the only reason we were going. I was more bum about it then gringomex was.

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We head back home and have dinner. As for Sunday we went to church, did a little shopping at Fordham Rd, visited my brother and was amazed by his big screen TV. It was distracting, The graphics are really cool. Trying to keep a conversation with him was hard because I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. We watched Cars 2 and after that we headed back to my moms.

My brother surprised us with a cake for me and gringomex. That was really nice of him especially since I don’t get to see him quite often. We put the kids to sleep and I stayed up to chitchat with him and my sister and law. They left and then I was chitchatting with my older brother and little brother. I think it was around 2 am when we went to sleep.

original pics 019original pics 022original pics 025original pics 026

As for Monday we rode back home. My little brother came along with us. We were stuffed in the car, he sat in between the two car seats. We were happy to be home and stretch our legs. It was almost a 5 hour drive which seemed forever. Gringomex did his usually screaming from being overtired.

And now I am here sitting writing listening to gringo complain about how much money we got left for the week. It just never seems to stop…if its not one thing its another.

Will I ever have a true vacation. Scream free, tantrum free, sick free, complaining free and everything free vacation?

I did get a cake for free so that’s a plus!



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  2. aww thank you! that's very kind of you to say that.


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