Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fun with foam

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This weekend we went to Michaels Craft Store and since gringo gets discounts for being a teacher I got myself some goodies. We bought shamrock shape foam among other things. I had seen a blog post on Teach Preschool where they play with foam and she cuts them in shapes. I am having a hard time finding the actually link however you can browse through the Teach Preschool website for more cool and fun activities for toddlers.

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I cut different color foam into shapes. A bowl with some water on the side. Dip the foam in the water and stick it on the dry erase board or chalkboard.


original pics 036

I wrote the abc’s on the shamrock and some numbers on them. He is always saying lets count or say abc’s. I try to find ways to make learning fun.


What is he learning? Shapes, color green, alphabet and numbers.


Visit Teach Preschool for more fun ideas!



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