Friday, January 6, 2012

What Mami didn't teach me!

LC- 1st attempt hairbraiding

As a child mami taught me how to cook mexican food among other things. It wasn't all rainbow and butterflies. She was very strict and it needed to be done properly otherwise it was a waste of time. Toast the rice not too dark or too light. Just brown enough! I found myself confused at times since I was only 13 with no clue. She would go on with her typical sayings "cuando yo tenia tu edad yo ya sabia -fill in the blank-." I am pretty sure many of you have gone through this at some point in life.

My parents had una tienda de abarrotes and a fondita next door. My mom would make quesadilla, tacos, empanadas, tamales, salsas and more antojitos mexicanos. Being the older female of the house, certain duties were delegated to me. She claimed that I needed to learn how to do everything because I was going to take care of her when I grew up. I am currently married and live 5 hours away from her.

She didn't know the proper ways to teach me. She did teach me how to do certain things and for that I am grateful. Now as a married women I can take care of my familia.

What did she teach me?
  1. Cooking.-I know how to make arroz, tacos, tamales. You name it and I make it.
  2. Clothing.-How to properly fold clothes. Yes there is a certain way. I can fold clothes just like the people who work at retail stores. 
  3. Ironing- Sounds easy, right? Nope there are certain ways to fold the pants and make the lines. Gringo doesnt know how to iron. My mom even taught my brothers how to do it themselves.
  4. Sewing- We took a course together called Corte y Confeccion. We made dresses and lots of crafts that involved the needle.

There are other things she taught me however now that I have my daughter there is one thing she never did. How to make trenzas ( hairbraiding). She would make la trenza francesa on me or my sisters hair. My sister might know how to because she took a Cosmetology course in Mexico. I was her guinea pig. That's another story!

LC- 1st hairbraid on my daughter.
The search began on google which led to youtube.  A simple type of -learn how to braid hair- on youtube and my prayer was answered.  I even got some videos in spanish too.  After watching several videos I started to feel confident. I can do it!

"Nadien nace sabien-Nobody is born knowing" Sayings from mami. Are there certain things mami didn't teach you. Please share!

The video that taught me how to. Thank you Lauren!


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