Monday, January 30, 2012

A Trip to the Newseum in Washington DC

The Newseum's extensive
 collection of historic newspapers and magazines. 

A place where news matters and history is treasured.

On Saturday, the Newseum officially became one of my favorite museums in DC. Perhaps it is because of what I professionally do, or simply because of how I feel about journalism. Featuring seven levels of galleries, theaters, retail spaces and visitor services, the Newseum is unique in showcasing how and why news is made. 

As we (fiancé) and I walked through the corridors of newspapers, the making of news, the historic print displays and how the news world has evolved, the more I enjoyed it. I was reminded of what journalism should be: truth-gathering and truth-telling.

Nevertheless, one of the most touching and sad galleries was the “Chronicle of the Sept. 11 2001, attacks. This gallery portrayed the challenges journalists faced trying to report the news to the world, some survived some did not. Similarly, a tribute to journalists who have died pursuing the news clearly showcases the danger journalists face, taking risks to tell their stories to the world.
So whether you want to learn the story of news, about the First Amendment or be a reporter for a day, stop by at the Newseum when you are in DC. This is where national history, made by journalists/the press, is conserved.
We hope you get to make it to the Newseum in DC.
Eyes and Ears of a Profession display at the
Women in the profession

Gloria at the Newseum

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