Friday, January 27, 2012

Spanish Friday-Aventuras de la semana

Me gustaria tener mas tiempo para bloguear pero debido a que tengo dos nenes no me es possible por el momento. Estoy recopilando nuestras aventuras de la semana con fotos. Espero que las disfruten!

I wish I had more time to blog but since i have two children its just impossible for the moment. Here are a couple of pictures of our adventures during the week. Hope you enjoy them!

DSCF4000Gringomex decidio tener un berrinche.
Gringomex decided to have a tantrum.

DSCF4002Gringamex ya se puede dar de comer.
Gringamex self feeds.

DSCF4005La nieve se esta desaciendo. Parece pista de hielo.
The snow is melting. Its an ice skating rink :)

DSCF4006La ropa que no he lavado.
The laundry that I haven’t done.

DSCF4014La television que compramos para poner videos en VHS.
The television we bought to play our VHS videos.

DSCF4015Obra de  arte gringomex
Art work of gringomex

DSCF4017La maquina de ejercicios que no me ha dada tiempo de correr.
The treadmill, havent had time to run on it.

DSCF4021Dia de Pijamas...disney!
Pajama day...disney!

DSCF4051Recibi un paquete en el correo de Mamas Latinas.
Got a package in the mail from Mamas Latinas.

Feliz fin de semana...nosotros vamos al zoologico este Sabado..woohoo.
Have a great weekend...we are going to the zoo on Saturday...woohoo.



  1. The children are precious. Love the tantrum photo. LOL, that one can be used to blackmail him someday ;) jajaja

  2. When my kids were young I couldn't blog at all. You are way ahead of me. Now that they are older, I write when they are in activities, like youth group, that I don't go to. Then I type a weeks worth of posts on the weekend and cut and paste each night. I like your blog.

    1. I type each night. I was typing a couple of them for the following days but would go back and change them and was putting more energy into it. Second guessing myself. Now I just write each night for the next day and not fret about what it says. Thanks for liking my blog!


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