Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reasons why mami made me drink Chamomile tea!

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Every time we had a stomach ache, headache, cold or just not feeling well mami came to the rescue. She has a herbal remedy for anything! When I was pregnant she would tell me "toma te de manzanilla para que estes calmada, pero del mexicano no de bolsa". Then when I gave birth my mom made me chamomile tea to help me relax. She suggested to drink chamomile tea while nursing. Mami said " si tomas te de manzanilla no le da colico al bebe". OK, will do as mami says because she is right. She had 5 children so she must have experience.

The children didn't suffer from colic. Blood pressure was normal while pregnant. Milk let down was not a problem at all. Mami was right! It used to bother me as a child how she would make us drink teas. I wasn't a true believer of herbal remedies until I had children.

Here are a few reasons why to drink chamomile tea according to mami:
  1. Stomach ache: Drink a cup of tea, lo mas calientito que puedas. Sweetened it with honey!
  2. Bags under your eyes: Place tea bags, lo mas calientito que aguantes en  tus ojos. Do it in the morning before you go out. Makes you feel awake!
  3. Stress: Drink a cup of tea when feeling overwhelmed and ready to explode. Enjoy with some galletitas!
  4. Cold: Place a Ricola or Halls in the cup, pour chamomile tea and sweetened it with honey. Don't drink or eat anything for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Colic and milk production: Drink one cup a day or at least twice a week. Some doctors suggest not to drink certain teas while pregnant or nursing. I raised my children the way mami did and they are fine. It's a personal choice to do so.
Do you have a special way of using chamomile tea?


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