Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Part II of Into the World Again.

Rome Observer
Rome Observer

“Follow that lady, she is also going to the auditorium". The lady from the information desk pointed her out to me and I followed her quickly. She was walking pretty fast. She stops by the elevator and I notice she was carrying a tablet thingy. It might be a book reader.  At least I am not the only one late. I won’t feel weird being the only one who walks in the room, with people staring at me. We get in the elevator and there is a moment of silence.

Me: Are you here for the blog thingy?
Lady with tablet(LT); Yes, I am running late. I hope I haven’t missed any good information.
Me: Yeah. I have two kids and it was hard trying to make it on time. I am a stay at home mom.
LT: that would be good to write a blog about a stay at home mom.
Me: (In my head I was thinking…should I tell her? I already blog. Nobody around here knows.) Elevator doors open
LT:  I think we are in the wrong place.
Me: ( I look up and see a sign AUDITORIUM) No, there’s a sign there that says auditorium.
We head into the room and find a seat.
Rome Observer Staff giving her presentation.

What did I learn? Write as you speak. Don’t make it complicated. Some of you might think, she was there for an hour and that is all she got out of it. Not just that, I also socialized with adults that are into the same thing I am…blogging. I also learned a tip when it comes to linking that I didn’t know.

Who hosted the event: http://www.romeobserver.com/ staff.

Did I have fun? Yes, I did. Was nervous but overcame my fears.

Was gringo fine with the kids? He was waiting in the car, one of the kids had an accident and gringo panicked. He couldn’t find the diaper bag. It was next to the car seat. Got in the car and went home.

Have you overcome any fears lately? Do you have any blogging tips or blog that you would like for me to read. If so please share!


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