Thursday, January 26, 2012

I never thought my son would...

Gringomex heading to greatgrandma's house nack in September.
On Wednesday afternoon, grinogmex decided not to nap. Gringamex was waking up and it was time for her feeding. I lay on the bed and position my daughter to nurse. I didn't hear any noises so I figured he felt asleep. When I was done, got up and checked his room and he wasn't there. I figured maybe he was downstairs. I head downstairs and he wasn't there. The front door was wide open and panicked!

Outside the front door.

Rushed outside without my shoes. Mind you it's like 30 degrees outside and covered with ice and snow. I head to the garage. Maybe he is in there playing with his HO Thomas trains. No sight of him in there. I start screaming his name and no answer. Scared, confused, lost and a little bit of every emotion set inside me. I decide to call gringo and let him know that our son was missing.

I kept screaming and screaming. This time tears were strolling down my eyes. Running walking around just with socks on. My body was feeling numb because I wasn't even aware of the cold.

Finally, I see him standing by greatgrandma's front door. He seen me crying and probably got scared. He was crying too. I picked him up and took him back home.

I asked him why did you go? Dont ever do that again! You scared me. I got worried. I don't want to lose you.

I never thought my son would walk out all by himself. I have taught him to be independent. He can obviously open the door and put his shoes on. Not afraid to go out by himself for sure. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Has your child/children done anything that you thought the would never do? If so please share. Its the worse feeling ever. I hope no one goes through that experience...ever!!!


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